10 Great Laptop Cases

In this post we're taking a look at 10 great laptop cases in a range of different styles all with some epic features.

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In this post we’re going to take a look at 10 great laptop cases for different needs, sizes and price points. Whether you’re regularly carrying your laptop whilst out and about or if you simply need to travel occasionally with it these are some brilliant options.

We’ve included a range from shell cases to soft touch cases and all in different styles so there should be something for almost anyone and we’ve aimed the sizes at some of the most common laptop sizes.

Let’s get started in our look at 10 great laptop cases:

1. https://amzn.to/37Ys6FQ

The first case in our lineup is this Arvok Neoprene Pouch designed for a range of different sized laptops. With a huge range of colours and a clean simple design this case is a great pick for those looking to reflect their own style and keep things light and easy to carry. The additional feature of it being Water Resistant makes this a great all rounder.


Sizes: 11 – 12 Inches, 13-14 Inches, 15-15.6 Inches, 17 – 17.3 Inches

Colours: Over 10 Unique Colours

Style: Neoprene / Pouch

2. https://amzn.to/3bP3KiK

Next up we’re looking at this more traditional style of laptop case / bag from Voova. Available in 4 different colours and two sizes the strap based design and additional storage compartments make this a great choice for anyone regularly travelling with their laptop.


Sizes: 14 – 15.6 Inches, 17 – 17.3 Inches

Colours: 4 Colours (Black, Blue, Gey, Purple)

Style: Messenger Bag with Shoulder Strap

3. https://amzn.to/3pYrq9n

This stylish carry sleeve from HP offers water resistance, a range of sizes and a top grab handle making it easy to carry your laptop on the go. The additional front pockets provide additional storage and the cushioned interior adds further protection for your device.


14 Inches, 15.6 Inches, 17.3 Inches
Colours: 2 Options (Black and Gold, Black and Silver)

Style: Carry Sleeve / Case with Handle

4. https://amzn.to/2O4B3WW

Next up we’re looking at this super clean and simple Laptop sleeve from Tomtoc. Made from recycled materials and with drop protection built in this is a great choice for anyone looking for something sleek and simple with an extra level of protection beyond a regular laptop sleeve.


Sizes: 10.9-12Inches, 13 – 13.5 Inches, 14-15 Inches, 15.6 Inches, 16 Inches

Colours: Grey, Blue, Pink, Blue Black, Printed Designs

Style: Carry Sleeve / Case with Front Pocket

5. https://amzn.to/3kzSgDY

This case from Domiso offers more rugged protection for your laptop, with waterproofing, shock proofing and a helpful grab handle. This is great for anyone who travels regularly or takes their laptop anywhere on the go. With a clean modern design and a choice of styles this should suit a wide range of uses and needs.


10.1 – 10.5 Inches, 13 – 13.3 Inches, 14 Inches, 15 – 15.6 Inches, 17 – 17.3 Inches

Colours: Black with multiple different patterns

Style: Carry Sleeve / Case with Handle and Shoulder strap available

6. https://amzn.to/2NMt4Ou

This Neoprene Water Repellent carry sleeve with a floral design offers a unique look for those wanting to carry their laptop in something light and stylish. The additional small case for accessories such as your laptop charger or a computer mouse make this a great deal for two cases.


Sizes: 13 Inches, 13 – 13.3 Inches, 14-15 Inches, 15-16 Inches

Colours: One Style – Black with a floral design

Style: Carry Sleeve / Case

7. https://amzn.to/3b209Pd

This laptop shoulder bag carrying case from Amazon Basics offers a very affordable option for a traditional laptop bag / case. With plenty of space for accessories and anything else you’d need to carry with your laptop provided by the multiple internal compartments this case is great for those travelling regularly.


15.6 Inches

Colours: Black

Shoulder Bag

8. https://amzn.to/3b2dGpV

This offering from MOSISO adds a stylish flare to the choices of cases shown here. With three unique and bright styles this option really stands out. Add to that the fleece fabric lined interior for greater protection, the grab handle, optional strap and the trolley belt making it easy to travel with multiple cases this is a great pick.


13 – 13.3 Inches, 15 – 16 Inches, 17 – 17.3 Inches

Colours: Blue Marble, Green Marble, Turquoise Marble

Style: Carry Sleeve / Case with Shoulder Strap

9. https://amzn.to/2O6m9zA

For those looking for something a little bit more on the luxury side of things we have this offering from MODE. Paris. This handcrafted leather case is stylish as well as clean and simple and comes in a range of beautiful colours.


Sizes: 13 Inches (Dimensions up to 30.41 x 21.24 x 1.49cm)

Colours: City Grey, Deep Amber, Olive Green, Sunrise Orange, Night Black, Rusty Rose

Style: Carry Sleeve / Case

10. https://amzn.to/37YtsjU

The last in our list is this offering from MoKo, with a stylish and professional design, this case offers additional storage, a polyester outer case for resistance and ruggedness during daily use.


Sizes: 13.3 Inches,  14 Inches, 15.6 Inches

Colours: Dark Grey, Indigo, Black

Style: Carry Case / Sleeve with Handle

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With some awesome choices detailed above it’s going to primarily depend on how you’re using the case for daily use some of the more travel adapted cases may be helpful, or for occasional light weight use the sleeves may prove to be the better option. We hope you found this post helpful, we’d appreciate any comments or shares thanks!

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