Where to get Icons for WordPress

In this post we're taking a look at some good places to get icons for a WordPress website, from CDN delivered Icons through to those in SVG format.

Icons are the basis of many interactions within websites. They can make up icons that display what you do, what a button does, where a user needs to click and so much more.

One of the most common uses is often to add icons to something to make it easier to identify what it does. For example a site may feature a phone icon or an email icon next to the phone number and email address respectively. This draws the eye of the user and makes it quicker to navigate throughout the site.

Icons can also be used to demonstrate what you do, for example a Football icon may demonstrate that your business provides sports or sporting facilities. Again making it quicker and easier for the user to locate the text or section that they are looking for.

So in this article we’re taking a look at some epic places to get icons for your WordPress site:

1. https://fontawesome.com/

Font Awesome is one of the most well known platforms in web design when it comes to getting great icons, delivered by a solid CDN and globally used. The free icons that are available are great especially since they can be added in Glyph, Unicode, HTML <i> Class and SVG formats.

The clean designs, wide range of choices and the stability of this platform make these icons a great choice for any project!

2. https://icons8.com/line-awesome

Line Awesome is well… pretty much as it says an awesome place to get line icons. With a collection composed heavily of modern design line icons that show the outline of the icon and another great CDN integration this is an excellent resource for those looking for a slightly different style of icon.

The icons can be added to a website using <i> tags and the CDN or they can be downloaded in ZIP format and uploaded as images / used in a standard icon format.

3. https://themify.me/themify-icons

Next we’re taking a look at these icons from Themify, with a great selection of unique and well designed icons these are a great pick. However the real standout feature is the WordPress plugin that allows for easy integration.

The icons are also available in icon font format and SVG format for designers to use in their preferential format.

4. https://icofont.com/

With a super diverse selection and over 2100 icons to pick from icofont.com provides a selection to make your site stand out. The easy categorisation is another great feature and they’re available in SVG format. Alternatively you can use them as an icon font however you will need to download the file and add it to your site files and call it within the head rather than running them directly from a CDN. Whilst this may be a little daunting for those who are new to development, the how to information is very helpful and clear and the unique selection makes them an awesome choice.

5. https://fontello.com/

Fontello has a great selection of icons which can be grouped together based on the ones that you would like and download in SVG format. This is super helpful for only downloading the icons that are needed for the specific project and keeping the file sizes more reasonable. It also helps to keep projects organised. For those who are experienced within a development role there is an API integration making console based usage nice and easy and keeping your projects up to date super simple.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our roundup of great places to get fonts for WordPress, we hope it was useful. We’d appreciate a comment or a share if you did, thanks!

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