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Adding Social Media Icons to WordPress Menus

September 27, 2020

When building a WordPress site or any site for that matter it’s important to include social media links so that your audience has multiple ways to communicate with your business / organisation and to provide that extra level of trust in the business.

So this article will explore adding social media icons to your WordPress menus. These menus can be used in the header, navigation, footer or any major widget area within your WordPress site making it a great way to add the same icons throughout your site.

Option 1:

Using a dedicated plugin, there are dedicated plugins out there for adding social icons directly to your menu, this can be a great choice if you have limited coding / development experience or are utilising the plugin in other locations throughout your site for example on posts and pages in addition to the menu.

The main positives to utilising a plugin are the ease of use and flexibility of styling. In many cases social media menu plugins come bundled with an array of great options for styling each icon and allow for quick activation.

Option 2:

Adding the menu icons via a menu image plugin. Another great way to add social media icons easily is to use an image plugin specifically designed for the menu. This will provide you with the option to upload images to each menu item. The main benefit to this is the level of flexibility that it provides. You can add icons that match your site design easily as images and set the size of those images / icons to ensure quick loading.

Option 3:

Adding the icons via a built-in icon library. The WordPress menu is able to utilise <i> class functionality meaning that if you add an icon from an existing font library such as font awesome or any other similar library you can use the i class code provided to display the relevant icon. It’s important to remember however that you will need to have added the font library to your website so that it can make use of the i class.

We hope this helps you with adding social media icons to your WordPress, we’d appreciate a share or any comments if you found this useful, thanks!


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