Find Your Perfect Writer – 24 Places To Hire A Freelance Writer

An extensive roundup of some of the best places to find a freelance writer for your next project!

Whether we’re talking about your blog posts, ad copy, website copy, emails, or anything else — the quality of your writing matters. There’s no getting around it.

We can’t underestimate the importance of writing, yet, it’s also a time-consuming task that usually needs doing regularly. So here are your options for your project:

a) Suck it up, learn the art of writing effective copy, and put the time in yourself

b) Hire an in-house writer, or invest in training for an existing member of staff

c) Bring a freelancer on board on an ad-hoc basis

For most of you reading this, option C will be by far the most attractive. You have better things to be doing with your time, and there just isn’t the work volume to justify bringing someone on full time. So you need a freelancer.

But where on earth will you find a good writer that can work ad-hoc?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of 24 of the top places on the internet you can go right now, and get started hiring your superstar freelance writer.


PeoplePerHour is one of the most popular freelancing websites on the internet, with sellers offering everything from voiceovers to writing and everything in between. The website works by allowing the buyer to post a job and then sellers bid for that job with a detailed proposal explaining how they can help. This gives you tonnes of choice, and you don’t have to pay a penny to post.


UpWork is another of the freelancing giants. With a large number of users, the website has freelancers from a multitude of disciplines. When looking for a writer, the site allows you to post a job… You’ll then be sent a list of appropriate freelancers based specifically on your job post. You can then view their profiles, read their reviews, and pick the writer you want to work with.


Copify is focused specifically around writing and content production unlike other broader freelancing websites. The process for getting a writer is simple and the pricing is clear. The website lets you select the type of content you need, (e.g. a blog post or web page copy) and the number of words you need. You’re then given a clear price and time estimate for completion of your copy. Once you complete this, the website selects an appropriate freelancer from their army of skilled writers and they complete your project.


Guru is another big hitter with freelancers from all over the world, (over 3 million at the time of writing) all offering a huge range of skills. It’s free to post a job, and they offer multiple different payment methods for jobs. These include pay per hour, pay per task, and pay by milestone. This is great for writing as you can pay freelancers per task so you know what your budget is for the amount of words you need.


TextBroker is one of the most established freelance writing websites. They mainly use US based writers with over 100,000 of them on board but they write for people all over the world in a massive range of language. Add to this the fact that client sign up is simple and free and it’s a great choice.


Writer access is another writers only focused site with over 16,000 US based writers in their Writers MarketPlace and a bunch of awards to their name they’re a strong contender. The pricing structure that they have in place means you need to pay to access their platform and there are different tiers according to what you need but they balance that out by offering a range of great cloud based tools to help you in your quest for epic content.


Contently takes a slightly different approach to the process of hiring a freelance writer. Their offering is based on a fully packaged content management solution. Their platform allows you to search for and hire freelance writers, monitor content campaigns, view analytics and much more. As their service is more bespoke sign up is a little different, you fill out a contact form and then talk with a content expert directly. A top choice if what you’re looking for is the ability to manage and visualise every step of your content production journey.


All Freelance Writing is a smaller site based around two directories, one for posting writing jobs and the other for finding freelance writers directly. The website is predominantly US based as all of the pricing is in Dollars but as with most freelance sites there’s not much to hold you back from using the site anywhere in world. Despite the site being smaller it’s definitely not one to be underestimated having been around since 2006 and offering a good selection of skilled writers.


Speedlancer is a multi disciplinary freelancing website based around Tasks and Bundles. Tasks are pre-selected by sellers e.g. 500 words for $50 or you can get bundles such as 5 blog posts at a price lower than the cost of 1 which allows you to get good value for money and can make getting tasks done easier.


BlogMutt has been gathering writers since their launch in 2011. They now have over 3000+ US based freelance writers, meaning they have a strong chance of finding you a content writer that has experience in your industry. Couple this with fast turnaround times and multiple packages to suit any budget and this site is a great contender.


Founded by copywriters for copywriters, Pro-Copywriters are one of the UK’s leadings websites for writers to find work and show off their skills. The site works as a directory of freelance writers and offers those searching for a writer the option to post a job for a one time fee. The site also offers support and events for writers.


Freelance Directory have been in operation since 2006, recruiting writers from a multitude of industries from agriculture to law. It is free to join, post and search for freelance work on the site with a small monthly cost for those who wish to increase their business opportunities.


Get a copywriter pre-screen all of their writers before they join the service. In addition to this they preview and check written content before it is sent to the buyer. They are one of the only sites that will give you your money back if you are unhappy with the finished product.

14. has almost 30 million registered users, it is one or the largest marketplaces across the globe and is one of few sites that allows you to see the finished product before you pay. The site also allows you to choose your copywriter instead of assigning someone to your project and with 24/7 support their service is global.


Bark lets you post your job online and then freelancers come to you! Set up your job description, requirements and budget and see the messages roll in from those who are willing to take on your project. From this, you can chat to and vett the freelancers before you hand them the work, allowing you to feel confident in your choice.


Pro Blogger is a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn about the blogging industry or those who wish to further their skills. For those wishing to post a job on the site, the minimum fee is $70 or double if you would like your listing to be in the featured category. You will have to create an account and from there you can choose if you would like a one off project, or are looking to fill a full time, salary paid position. However don’t let this put you off as the site is built around a writing community meaning it attracts some of the best writers in the business.


Constant Content have gathered over 100,000 expert copywriters, from a multitude of sectors, onto one site. Claiming to have an average turnaround of 48 hours, you can make a request for one of their copywriters to create custom content for your site or buy pre-written content and receive it instantly.


IFreelance works by allowing those looking for freelancers to post for free. There are no transaction costs as freelancers pay for subscriptions to bid for jobs. The site features freelancers from a variety of professions and is simple to use.


Freelance writing gigs provides a great jobs board, they charge on a per job post basis at $30. It’s predominantly US based but you could use it all over the world. Their website also includes a selection of tools and information for freelance writers to help them improve their craft.


Scripted takes a unique approach by providing a Freelance writers marketplace where you sign up on a per month basis on one of three packages. Each package offers a different number of writing perks and provides you with access to the writers marketplace.


Content runner uses US based freelance writers and with over 2000 on-board they’ve got plenty of people to pick from. Their website works on the basis of allowing users to set their own pricing and to communicate with writers directly, the website then takes a percentage of the total payment of the work which varies depending on the amount.


Zerys is more of a content marketing software platform than a specifically dedicated marketplace however if you decide to use their software you get access to thousands of freelance writers. They also offer the option to pay for managed content services where the content for your websites will be organised by a Zerys certified manager and produced by a freelance writer. This is a great option if you’re looking for regular content production.


Fiverr is one of the most widely used marketplaces on the internet for quick jobs, it can be a great resource for finding copywriters. Although the name suggests that everything is a fiver that’s not quite the case and pricing will vary depending on the level of work that you require. It pays to shop around with this website as quality can vary but the reviews of each seller are a great way to determine how good they are and you can find some highly skilled people on there.


Boost Content uses freelance writers to provide top quality writing at an affordable price. They also offer translations and can write for people globally. The pricing structure that they use is clear and all work is proofread.

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