Using WP Bakery to Customise WooCommerce Pages

In this article we're taking a look at how to use the WPBakery Builder to customise WooCommerce product pages and add additional information and styles.

WPBakery isn’t just for posts and pages; it can be used for other taxonomies such as products, portfolio items, testimonials and custom post types. In this article we’re taking a look at how it can be used with WooCommerce on an E-Commerce website.

It’s worth noting first that because of how WPBakery is configured and WooCommerce is configured from a templating perspective, it can’t be used to take over and re-organise the entire WooCommerce product page. So for example you can’t generally use WPBakery to change the placement of the product image or the add to cart information.

If your theme has support for it, by enabling WPBakery for use with WooCommerce it will generally allow you to either customise a section within the description of your products by replacing the general Wysywig Editor. Or will provide an additional section beneath the description to add further product content such as images, custom sections, videos and more general product information.

So let’s first take a look at how to enable WPBakery within product pages:

If you hover over the WPBakery option within the sidebar of your WordPress site and then visit Role Manager within this section you will see the role options for each type of existing user within your website from Administrators through to editors.

This section allows you to edit the settings for each User of your website, assuming that you’re the administrator of the website and are logged in on an administrator account you will want to edit these settings to get WPBakery working with your product page.

Within the Post Types section enable ‘Custom’ within custom select Products. After this click save changes.

This will now be enabled within your products and you will be able to edit your description or section below your main product information using WPBakery.

Uses for this WPBakery format within Products:

As this allows you to either add a WPBakery Layout within the description or beneath the description content depending on your theme we’re going to take a look at some of the different potential uses for this format:

Easily Create More Advanced / Dynamic  Designs:

One of the main uses and key benefits of using WPBakery to replace the description section / Wysiwyg editor is how much easier it is to create advanced and complex designs within the description areas. Let’s say you want to add more of a brand focused look to your descriptions with text, videos and other media this is easier to do using the WPBakery modules.

Easy FAQ’s section

WPBakery features some great tools for creating a nice FAQ section such as Toggles, Accordions and Tabs ordinarily this can be somewhat tricky to add via code so by having the builder feature here it’s much simpler.

Use Templates:

One of the most time consuming elements of web design is to add the same content to multiple pages especially products. As WPBakery has a templates feature which allows you to save templates of your layouts this can make the process much faster by adding the ability to load them from your saved templates library. With the Templatera add-on you can also have universal sections that are updated within the plugin and apply to every page that the template is added to.

Further Reading:

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We hope this helps with getting started adding the WPBakery Builder to your product pages and if it did we’d really appreciate a comment or a share thanks!

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