Using WPBakery Custom Grid Types

This tutorial teaches you how to us WPBakery Custom Grid Types with Wordpress to create grid layouts.

In this tutorial we’re going to explore the use of custom grid types with the extremely powerful WPBakery page builder, so that you can get your site exactly how you want.

If you’ve used WP bakery before you’ll have seen the standard format that the blog grid comes in. Image, blog title, post excerpt, read more button. This is great for any general blog post but what if you wanted to place other information there. Your initial choice can be to use one of the other pre-sets for the grid style e.g. Masonry Grid Default or Masonry Media Default and any of the others there.

To display your grid in a different format or with additional information this requires a different approach. To do this you will need to create a custom grid type which will appear in the above set of options for the structure of your posts page.

Creating a custom grid type:

To do this simply visit the Grid builder which can be found by hovering over the WP Bakery section within the back-end of your site. Once you’ve accessed the grid builder it’s initially very similar to how you’d create any other WordPress post.

Once you’ve created a grid you’ll see an editor somewhat similar to the typical WP Bakery editor that you’ll find on your website pages. Here you can add a template for your grid based on one of the layouts you’d usually use for the blog or build a custom grid.

There are three sections within the Grid layout, left middle and right. These sections allow you to position elements relative to others within the grid. For example if you add an image to the background of the right section the image will appear to the right of the text that’s in the middle section etc. 

Once you’ve saved your layout you should see it within the blog grid styling options alongside the earlier mentioned formats such as the Masonry Grid. Once set you simply need to preview the layout and check the page.

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This is a relatively simple tutorial on how to use the custom grid types with WP Bakery however it allows you to customise your layout to look exactly how you want it. We’d appreciate a share or any comments if you found this useful, thanks!

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